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Nebraska Insurance Adjuster License

Nebraska does not require an Adjuster to be Licensed.  For residents who want to obtain an Insurance Adjuster License, we highly suggest retaining a nonresident license and designating Texas or Indiana as your home state (DHS). A DHS license is required by most employers and also enables you to apply for reciprocal licensing privileges.

Texas or Indiana nonresident license is our recommendation for adjusters from non licensing states because these licenses have reciprocity with all of the other states.

What is reciprocity?

Reciprocity, allows a licensed adjuster to obtain another state(s) license without having to pass that specific state’s exam. Once you have your home state or DHS license, you may apply for other state licenses through reciprocity.

It does not happen automatically – you will need to complete the required paperwork and submit the licensing fee.


What if my home state doesn’t license? What is a DHS license?

If you live in a non-licensing state, you should obtain a “Designated Home State” or DHS license. A DHS license basically works just like having your home state license and is vital if you want to work any claims outside of your non-licensing state. If you live in Colorado for example, you can adjust claims there without a license, but you can’t go work claims in Texas or Georgia or any other state that requires a license. While different states offer a DHS license, we recommend obtaining the Texas or Indiana Nonresident DHS license. It offers great reciprocity and has one of the quickest application turnaround times in the country.


Indiana’s nonresident DHS (Designated Home State) license is our recommendation for non-licensing states. Complete the 40-hr pre-licensing course certified through the Texas or  Indiana department of Insurance and pass the included exam and you are qualified to apply for your Texas or Indiana license. No additional coursework or testing required